Pioneering the First 3D Printer Lock Cover Prototype

AMLS MFG Weather Shield Prototype #3

     Our first protective lock cover prototypes were hand-made on a lathe.  But we needed more accuracy, so we looked to the future.

     Back when 3D printers were in their infancy, the machines filled an entire room.  They took days to produce an object. To me, it was Science-Fiction. (A Star Trek Holo-Deck).  We were creating something real and tangible from a computer program. With each layer being only 0.25 mm thick, it was a painfully slow, layer by layer, process. 

     Once our 3D Printer prototype lock cover was completed, it took hours to clean up and remove excess material until you had a workable object to bench test for tolerances and viability. The refining process to build the perfect GrimeStopper Weather Shield has begun.